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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 












Being a huge Disney Nerd had me bringing my camera along to capture moments of my kids and family on our trips but there was one big issue with this; I was never in any of the videos!  There's always a designated photographer and or Videographer in every family and I saw the opportunity to fill a need!  How amazing would it be to have a beautiful video where all family members were in it together!? That's where My Magic Film was born!  Established in 2015, I've been on countless adventures with many families and have made life long friends with many of them as it's become a family tradition!  

In My spare time (which is minimal, I enjoy filming the Disney parks and capturing the beauty and magic that is there through various passion projects and family vlogs!  

One of my fav recent vlogs was taking my son on Expedition Everest for the first time.  Just watching the joy and magic in his eyes is so priceless to me and will always be a treasured memory that will forever be memorized in this video!  Enjoy!

Let's go back in time a little more to a family trip a few years ago too.... and yeah, I'm not in the video cause I'm the one always filming!  I need my own Magic Film! 
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